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We're a podcast trying to normalize talking about some more in depth spirituality. Everyone has some relationship with the spiritual unknown, so let's get into it and compare beliefs! New episodes Wednesday.
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We're making this podcast to try to bring more spiritual discussion to people that are looking for that. Everyone has some kind of background with religion or spirituality in some sense, but people always walk on eggshells around it, so let's change that and just talk about our beliefs. We come from a Christian church called the New Church that uses the writings of a man named Emanuel Swedenborg to give us some new insight on what the Bible means and how to live. We're looking to share some of the ideas we have from our background with you and see what we can gain by talking to people from other faiths. Come along, it'll be a great time even if I am behind the camera.

-Ben (the producer, I edit and schedule and all those non-host things)